Timex Plugin - Saving Dates to Database?

Building a two-sided marketplace. Trying to have supply list their date availability on their dashboard, and want it to show up for demand to select a date on the front-end.

I’m using the Timex plug-in to dynamically generate the dates, but I’m having a hard time saving these dates to the database as the repeating group type is “date.” I’ve tried using inputs, displaying a list in a repeating group, but I’m not getting the results that I need.

Also, I’d like an easy way for the dates to refresh themselves monthly. I’m trying to limit the amount of manual labor/seeding I have to do every month, which is why I wanted to use the Timex plugin in the first place.

Can anyone assist with this? Thank you so much!

Screen Shot 2020-08-23 at 5.22.25 PM

nem me fale!! tem 2 dias lutando com esse grupo de repetição!!!