Timezone output - 3 digit timezone (e.g, EST) vs. 8 digit timezone (e.g,. GMT+0800)

I’m displaying time as an output and it’s wrapping to a 2nd line because the timezone is listed as GMT+0800 instead of a 3 digit time zone (e.g., EST or EDT) for someone who I had test it in Asia (see screenshot below).

Does anyone know what conditions cause this to happen? In my time zone / on my computer is says EST. Clearly, I can set this text not to wrap to resolve the immediate problem - but curious how often it’s formatted as GMT+0800 and why (e.g,. happens in specific time zones or with specific computer settings, etc.).



@neerja, do you know what causes time zones to appear as 3 digit (e.g., EST) vs. 8 digit (e.g., GMT+0800) values?

Can you send support your app link where time is displayed in 2 different formats?

Update: Our times are set to be displayed in the User’s time zone, and it seems some time zones around the world default to the 8 character view, such as the Manila time zone. For anyone interested, you can test this by changing the time zone on your computer and viewing the app in incognito.