Timezones in Add to Calendar Plugin

I need help with knowing what I need to add in the Timezone section for the “Add to Calendar” Plugin.

In the Documentation it shows this link: List of tz database time zones - Wikipedia

But I’m not sure what I’m supposed to enter in the field to get it to work.

Also, how will I get it to work with the way Bubble records timezones(Or doesn’t?).

My setup, I have an event that I put in all the information. What I found is if I enter a time for the start of an event in Los Angeles(3 PM), if someone looks at the event page in the EST timezone the event shows 6PM. So it seems to record what timezone the time was created and makes the calulations. I added this plugin so people could add it to their calendar, but if I leave the timezone blank I will download the add to calendar and it will show at correct time(3PM). If someone in another timezone downloads it it will be the same time(3PM), so obviouly incorrect.

If I enter a timezone, 1) what do I need to add? Is it a code, or the name(America/Los_Angeles)? And will this give me the correct response if someone downloads it in a different timezone as PST?

Since I’m not in more then one timezone it makes it very challenging to test this without finding someone on our platform in a different timezone.

Anyone familiar with this, or know how I can get in touch with the creator of the plugin?