Timezones: Need Help Scheduling in Someone Else's

User Story Time:
I’m a virtual assistant. My client wants to get a push notification reminding him to take the trash out at 6PM his time. He’s in New York (EST), and I am in California (PST).
how do I schedule him a reminder in his timezone (6pm) and not mine (3pm)??"

Are you not able to request timezone when you’re requesting a time for a push notification?

You could shift his time stamp to your time zone always and work it that way

That could work…

What would have to happen on the backend for me to be able to…
Set a date picker to 6PM (EST) > Save to Bubble (which automatically converts it to UTC based on current user’s timezone) > The saved date displayed back to me (in PST) looks like 3PM?


Actually, if this screenshot is possible then all would be solved.

Nvm, just found the select timezone setting!