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Tinder Pile "current slide" is not recognized

My site is using a tinder pile to let users decide whether a product is good or bad. Clicking on “good” creates a left-swipe and marks a product as good in a list, clicking on “bad” creates a right-swipe and marks the product as bad in the same list. In addition all the products marked bad should be listed in a repeating group under the tinder pile (see here: and live here:
This worked fine for the first couple of months after launch, but now as “good” marked products swipes them left, but they seem to still exist somehow in the background of the tinder pile. This manifests in a way that when a product A is left-swiped (and marked “good”) and the following product B is right-swiped (and marked “bad”), product A gets marked a second time but now as “bad” and shows up as a product in the repeating list.

I triple-checked the workflows to make sure nothing is wrong there and it doesn’t look like it is. So apparently the “current slide” in the tinder pile does not correspond with the image that the tinder pile is targeting with a swipe action.

Help, anyone?