Tinder Template, need to display all users' first photo in a repeating group

I bought the template and I am very new to the No-Code platform. I want to create a repeating group, and inside it display all the users in the database and show their first pic only.
I have a type User and User has a field Photos(list). I need to display the first photo from the database for each user inside the repeating group. I have tried everything I could so far with no success. Any help would be highly appreciated! Thanks!

Okay, so the repeating group will be users.

And in the repeating group cell you can have an image.

The image source is the current cell’s User’s images:first item

@jobs is spot on here. The key part is to notice the :firstitem since you are pulling from a List and not a single item.


Thank you so much! Saved me hours of work :slight_smile: Worked like a charm!

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