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TinderPile bug or do I just not know what I’m doing?

Doesn’t have as much to do with tinder pile but in short I want to allocate likes and dislikes based on users but I’ve spent hours trying to figure out why this works fine with one set of values, but not with the exact same set of values?? Please help.

Re boosting so this doesn’t go missed

Hey @valdaraandy :wave:

Welcome to the Bubble Community! :tada:

Hmm :thinking:. This might be tricky. My suggestion is to look at the User data type. What are the types associated with LikedNFTs and UnlikedNFTs on the User database? You are currently showing us the database for Sorted Audited Stack but we need to see what the database looks like for where you are actually saving it to. Does that make sense?

Hope that helps give some direction. :blush:

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