TinyBuild Studio - Custom Bubble Apps, Redesign, and Figma to Bubble

Hello, Bubble Community! :wave:

I’m thrilled to announce that my studio, TinyBuild Studio, is now providing unlimited services. From building custom Bubble apps, redesigning existing ones, to transforming Figma into Bubble pages, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s our straightforward process:

  1. Share your requirements via a Notion board.
  2. Within days, we deliver your request. For Bubble apps, we deliver a feature set in a sprint.
  3. Need revisions? No problem, we offer unlimited tweaks until it’s just right.

Our aim is to streamline the process and deliver value swiftly. After a successful trial with existing clients, we’re now extending this offer to everyone!

As a design-centric studio striving for quality, we’re selective in onboarding clients. This ensures we can deliver our best on every project.

Interested? Let’s chat:
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TinyBuild Studio Founder