TinyBuild - UI/UX Focused Agency

Hey folks :wave:

I am excited to announce, TinyBuild, an agency specializing in high-quality designs and services to help you scale your business.

Services we offer

:one: Unlimited Figma to Bubble
We take Figma wireframes and transform it into Bubble pages.

:two: SaaS Apps
Having built multiple SaaS apps we have insight/builds into core features these apps need such as onboarding, dashboards, subscriptions, etc. All are built with best-in-class UI/UX.

We take those built core features and add your customized features on top of it.

:three: UI/UX Doctor (Coming Soon)
You already have an app but some pages need a bit of help in the UI/UX department.

Here we take each page and apply a customized style where we focus on good color combinations, spacing, typography, styled components, structure, etc.

For any more info, visit our website or email us at [email protected]

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