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[TinyPNG] compressing just fine, will not resize

This is a support request regarding the plugin [TinyPNG] - @vnihoul77


I am able to compress an image using the TinyPNG just fine. It is also saving the url on the field I need it to. I can view the image just fine as well. However, I am unable to resize the image. Whatever I do it is not doing it. I first had everything in one workflow so first compressing and in one flow resizing. Did not work. I now have them split but not working as well. I tried the resizing on your demo page and it did not work there either so perhaps it is a global thing not working?

I have no idea how to troubleshoot this as to where it breaks. Any suggestions?

In addition, I notice that the url is a Tiny url. So it seems that everytime the image wants to be seen it needs to be fetched from the TinyPNG servers. Is that correct? Is this part of the API?

Ok got it working.

Unable to reproduce the issue and therefore the solution however. I have one workflow under a button. In that workflow I grab the body(file) from the picture uploader for compression and upload. In that same workflow I grab the result of step one and take the header. All good.