Tip - filtering internal users in MS Clarity & Google Analytics

What I need to do is to filter out my own use in my App ie Internal Users - as a lot of app usage is just me testing and using the app.

So what I’ve found useful - is when I (as an Internal User) access the live app I do it with

/version-live in the path

So I can easily see who is an “internal user” and who is a public user by the path.

for example I only access the site with:
While public use:

IP address filtering isn’t good enough. And creating filters by dimension in GA is clumsy.

To separate Test traffic from Live traffic - I just use a separate account (eg separate GA measurement id, or “Project” in MS Clarity)

As a footnote …

I’ve found MS Clarity really helpful. In 10 words it does user screen recordings and is free.

I now think of MS clarity as my “realtime” behaviour, and Google Analytics as my “overview, aggregate” analysis.