Tip: How to Get a User's Location Details Using Their IP Address

Hey guys!

Here’s a really quick tip for you when working with users’ locations…the IP Geo Plugin pulls location details from a user’s IP address.

With it, you can do things like

-Show their location on a map without them having to type it in themselves
-Automatically choose their language (because you’ll know where in the world they’re located)
-Automatically choose their time zone (this is great for scheduling or booking features)
-Essentially, anything time or location related will already be personalized for the user

I put together a quick video tutorial for you on how to set it up. That way, you can easily pull in details to help personalize and customize your users’ experiences.


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Hi Gaby. Have you tried making the script for it?
We’ve testing a bunch of a IP plugins for a while now and all of them stopped working after a few days. Just empty data all around.

I’m looking to paying someone to create a simple JS script to grab just the IP and device location like we have in every platform outhere, even wordpress has it. Did anyone already did this?