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Hello everyone,

I want to create a feature on my website that displays ‘Tip of the week’ or ‘Tip of the day’. How can I create it so that every day for example a new data thing is automatically displayed?

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You can create the tips in option sets. And have a group that in data has a search for all option sets sorted random and just the first item :slight_smile: :computer:

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Awesome, will try this out! Thanks!

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@hacker Oh btw, is there a way to make sure a tip doesn’t get shown again before all other tips are showed?

Well, that is a different use cas. Option sets cannot be changed by “make changes to Option set”. Maybe @Bubble will implement this in the future.

But for now, another way of doing it, is making a Type called “Quote” with field “text” (text) and “active” (yes/no) set default to yes. You can create them using your app as admin (with an admin dashboard).

Then, have a group to do a search for all Quotes with a constraint of active=yes, sorted random and display just the first item. And have workflow when condition is true (when that group Quote is not empty), and make changes to that group Quote and set active = no.

The thing is that when the changes are made, the group will display another quote, so the group will change quotes every second, haha.

Maybe @johnny or @cmarchan can help with this :grinning: :computer:

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You can probably just have a field called “order” and make it type number then cycle it through sorted by that

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Second this suggestion! :+1:t2:

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