Tiplister Bubble Backend Workflow Guide Pack

Hey fellow Bubblers, I’m very excited to announce that the new Tiplister platform is finally live!!! [:partying_face:]
Tiplister is a platform for you to learn Bubble, with hundreds of short tips and step by step guides.

We are now focused on making this a more collaborative platform.

You can easily request tips on X or share your best tips for X. If you want you can even share and monetize any Bubble guides you wrote (Stripe connect coming soon for guide publishers)

To celebrate this new phase, today we released a complete 15 guide pack on backend workflows for just 59$.

In this guide pack you will learn absolutely everything you need to master Backend Workflows, going from basic recursive all the way to complex matching algorithms you could use to build an online dating app.

The 15 guide topics:
Warm up Workflows (4 Guides)
Backend Workflow 101 (Free)
Templates on Signup
Turning existing Option Set into a Datatype
Delete everything Workflow

Admin Automations (5 Guides)
Creating & Displaying all days of the year in Bubble
Schedule Backend WFs on Admin page
Monthly Stripe Subscription with Webhook
Backend Workflow every 60 Seconds
Restarter Workflow

Email Notifications (3 Guides)
Daily Email Notification Summary
Building Blocks for dynamic Emails
Pause Notifications for Holidays

Algorithm Setup (4 Guides)
Copying a List within a List
Alternating Daily Questions for Groups
Matching Users with same Travel Destinations
Matching Algo Prioritization

The first 20 buyers will pay only 49$.

We hope you like the news.

We plan to add more tips every day and write more than 50 Guides for intermediate- advanced bubblers on the site. We want to help you build out any product you would like with bubble or know the methods a professional bubble freelancer needs to know to charge premium on the market. Do Pm us if you want to incorporate any of your guides on the platform.
If you have any feedback or comments, we’d love to hear it!

best regards
Tass at Tiplister

and many thanks for @machadoa953 for helping me with implementation!