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[Tips] How to make nested formula into bubble

Hello everyone !

I found a way to make it by getting the sum of the search by generating a list of number using “format as text” wich allow me to get a result of nested functions by using math js.
Then i split the result with “,” and convert it into number wich allow me to make a sum of a search

This allow to make advanced calculations into bubble

for example

I have 2 poducts into a recipe with different quantity:

Each product have their own nutritional value

Then according to the quantity of each grammage of my products i’m returning the sum of my recipe :

To achieve this i’m getting the sum of each product according to their weight (for example Kcal bellow)

This function is nested into a mathjs call delimited by a (,) so bubble can convert the sum of Kcal in each product

By delimiting “the format as text” with a “,” i’m getting the sum of the list by converting it into a number

And then, this is the final result of the nested function and how it’s shown


Hope this help,
and if somebody found an alternative solution let’s me know !