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Tips on advanced sorting in RGs?

Hello everyone,
I already asked this question but didn’t really get an answer and thought if someone knew a way to achieve that it might be very interesting to others, too:
Is there a way (e.g. with APIs or connections via Zappier) to have RGs sorted in an advanced way (e.g. with some sort of algorithm)?
I think this is important for any social content kind of app because it doesn’t suffice to have content posted by anyone sorted in a RG after e.g. “Created Date”. So there has to be some sort of solution for that. Any ideas or thoughts?

Thanks for reading,

I’ve wondered about the same question. There are some plugins discussed on the forum (BDK and Listshifter I think) that offer expanded client-side sorting capabilities, but I think you’re looking for the ability to feed a bunch of stuff into an algorithm and have it return recommended content, similar to a large social network. I imagine that means having data sent over to an external service for processing according to algorithms you create. I haven’t seen anything like this discussed on the forum. But I’d start with trying to find that external service and then seeing if it can connect with Bubble in a way that’s performant.

PS: you may want to dig around in the plugin library to see if anyone has built an integration that looks promising, like No-Code Deep Learning with Bubble & Peltarion - Bubble

Thanks a lot! I‘ll be looking into that. :slight_smile:

Good luck and let us know how it goes. A sophisticated recommendation tool that learns as it goes would be very powerful in a variety of applications.

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