Tips & tricks + general knowledge base for dynamic expressions

Hello knowledgable people!

I’ve searched high and low but cannot find a simple written or video document that goes over the logic of the dynamic expressions. Most videos have bits and pieces that do with their tutorial, but I can’t find one dedicated to that.

For instance, Do a search for… Reads from a database. But when I start actually going through the expression in the way that makes sense, I find it’s often wrong. Something as simple as trying to figure out a value in a field often eludes me. And changing a value in a text field based on another field is also a gap.

So I’m not specifically looking to answer these questions, I’m more looking for a primer of sorts.

If anyone knows of such a site, video, or document, please let me know. I’ve looked through the bubble manual and reference. I’ve looked through Gaby’s videos, and NoLogo’s videos. I browsed zeroque, but might have missed something.

Much appreciated all, thanks.