To show the data from the unique key of the table's data


Here is the database structure of my application. Here I am connecting tables to each other.
What I want to do is, I am showing the blank bodies in the body page. When a user selects any blank body, It takes the user to the design page with that selected blank body. Here I am showing the multiple fabrics in a repeating table. Now the process is that, If a user clicks on any fabric, the blank image should be replaced by that fabric’s filled image. I have saved the filled images on the filled_images table. I want to call those filled images with the click of the particular fabric. Now I have no idea how to show the filled images here. :frowning:


  1. There can be multiple blank images.
  2. there can be multiple fabrics.
  3. There are 2 filled images(front and back) of the blank bodies, relating to all fabric.

For the better understanding, I am attaching the screenshots of my database. There might be an inaccuracy in my database design, so also please correct it and suggest me how to solve this problem.


Hi there,

So I think I understand the database, but not quite sure of the flow.

Here is what it sounds like…

You have prepopulated table of “Body” and “Fabric” images.

The user selects a Body, and then they get presented with a list of Fabrics to choose for from and back.

They then choose to “save” this selection.

At that point a “filled_image” is created that contains 1 body, and two fabrics which have images.

If that is the way it works, then I think Filed_image should have two fields linked to fabric, one for Front Fabric and One for Back. Then you can use the image from the Fabric table, and not store it on the image.

If you want to link the Fabric’s to Filed Images that use that Fabric, then you would want to use a List I think.

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Let me explain it again,

  1. Firstly, on the body page, I am showing all the body images, populating from the ‘body’ table.
  2. When a user clicks any body, it takes the user to the ‘design’ page, with the selected body, from the ‘body’ page.
  3. Here, in the ‘design’ page. I am showing the selected body from the ‘body’ page. And just below showing the fabrics in the Repeating group, populating from the ‘Fabric’ table.
  4. Currently, the selected image is blank. The paramount agenda is to select any fabric from the Repeating group. As the user selects the fabric, I want to hide the blank body image and show the filled body image by the particular fabric.
  5. The Filled body will also have two images (front and back).
  6. For now, I have statically put the filled images on the ‘filled_images’ table with the ‘front_image’ & ‘back_image’ fields.

I think you will understand the flow now, if not, I will provide the link to you.

Ah, ok.

So that is just temporary storage for now. Are you creating something based upon this selection ?

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Yes, for now it is only a temporary storage. I just want to fill the blank image by the particular fabric and then the ready product will be available to purchase by the user.

I have no idea, how to fill the image dynamically in the Bubble, also no plugin available for this process. So I found to store the filled images statically and show them on the click on the particlar fabric. I know it’s laborious task, but it’s ok for now.

OK, I see.

Will create an example for you and explain how to do it.

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That will be better I guess… :slight_smile:

So you can use Custom States to hold the images until such time as you need to save them.

The Front/Back bit needs something to tell when one is being selected. I have used clicking on it, but you could use various methods.

Select the body on the left. The select the images on the righrt.

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This link is not accessable :frowning:
May be credential problem, redirecting to my Bubble homepage .

My fault, I am used to the days when new apps were all Public until set otherwise.

Open now.

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Cool, no issue. Let me check.

I am not able to save the data on the database in this case, to save the data on the database is our paramount goal.

Will have a look for you.

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Hi! thanks for asking us, I think we understand what you are trying to do, in order to have a better understanding of it, can you share me the link of your app.

At first glance, what I can see is that you can get rid off the attributes fabric and body in the filled image object, and just leve the front and reverse images. Since you are going to be able to directly reference the reverse image because that object is son of a fabric and a fabric is son of a body.

After selecting a body and going trough the design page, using the Conditional functions you can make things like: “when hover this fabric, display the front image of that fabric’s filled image in this blank image” & “when click on this fabric, display the back image of the fabric’s filled image in this blank image”

And so on, without the need to create new things on the database at all :slight_smile:

I can set it up for you in your app for a better understanding if you will.

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It is required for me to save the designed body in the database in order to make purchase the designed body.

As you can see in this example I have an image element inside a group with type of content being image, and the image element is referencing the “parent group’s image”. Below that we have a repeating group with images.

When we click one of those images we run the following workflow:


That display that image of the repeating group in the group of the top that has the blank image element inside.

after that, this is the outcome:


hope it helps :slight_smile:

It’s okay If I want to get the data from only one table. But here I am fetching data from 3 different table, each table is connected to each other by the unique key of the data.

I am still not able to show the data from the data from the 3rd table, for 1st table’s data.
Please visit the given app once more, to get the better understanding.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

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