Toggle reusable elements from other reusable elements

Evening all.

Absolute Bubble newbie here but really enjoying the experience!

I have a simple page that consists of four reusable elements that I have created:

  • a ‘menu’ bar down the left
  • a ‘header’ along the top that includes an avatar to the far right
  • a ‘dropdown’ that needs to be opened/closed when the avatar is clicked
  • a ‘dialog’ that will slide out from the right when the ‘Profile Settings’ menu item is clicked (element: dialog)

This screenshot shows the first three:

For the dropdown, I wanted to use the toggle element workflow on the avatar and for the dialog, I wanted to use the same workflow on the Profile Settings menu item but, being reusable elements, I obviously can’t access the individual elements (i.e. the avatar) from this screen.

I have the dropdown working if I put that reusable element in the reusable header element.

There’s obviously some magic I’m missing. Can anyone help please??

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