Toggles with numeric values in repeating group

Hi guys,

I’m building a calculator but having some trouble with toggles. I have a list of toggles in a repeating group, each should represent a different value (Unchecked means 0 OR checked means a value from 1 to 9 means). User has some options and a different score is calculated based on their selections. I’m using Expression from Toolbox plugin to instantly calculate the final result.

I have tried using workflow, index’s selected state and mapping the database to the live Expression. However, in this case, the toggles would modify the database. This won’t work if there are several people using the calculator at once. Is there a better way to do this?


There would be two options:

  1. If you need to save the data - then you would ensure that new records are getting created for each user rather than just a single record in the database that can be changed by all.

  2. If you don’t need to save any data and it’s OK for the result to be purged once the user closes their browser, then you shouldn’t save anything to the database and you should just manage this with states.

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