Token Refresh / Hitting API Rate Limit

I am wondering if there is something I am missing. I am running requesting data from the Podio API and getting rate-limit errors after about 20/25 calls which appear to be coming from the token endpoint. Shouldn’t Bubble be caching the auth token and not requesting a new token with every API call? At first, I thought that there was a problem with the new custom token call for oAuth, but it happened when making the same call with password flow as well. Here is the error info with some redactions

Workflow error - Raw error from this service: {“error_parameters”:{},“error_detail”:null,“error_propagate”:false,“request”:{“url”:“",“query_string”:“client_id=xxx&client_secret=xxx”,“method”:“POST”},“error_description”:"You have hit the rate limit. Please wait 300 seconds before trying again”,“error”:“rate_limit”}

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