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Too Much Data Requested?

I’m not extremely unfamiliar with Bubble and APIs, but recently I’ve been trying to build an election-related website by skimming data from an API and ran into an issue where data on large APIs (the one being used right now exceeds 30,000 lines) isn’t displayed until much later. Is this fixable via plan upgrade (I’m free now, but intend to upgrade after development)?

Hi there @konvertkaliber6,

Can you clarify if this is using the API connector pulling from an external API?

Correct. The API is externally hosted. None of the data is local. Saving that data locally through a workflow, even just the data use, would probably cause extremely slow load times.

Is there a way to limit the number of records which the API returns?This way you can first show 50 records and when the user scrolls down (or presses a button) get and display the next 50 records etc. etc.

I don’t believe so. The API has to be preset through the API Connect Plugin and can’t be a dynamic link. If it could be that, I could get the data for each entity separately and avoid using the link that complies with all of the data.

For context, it’s an election API that takes data from 50 states and DC. That same data is displayed for each state in a state-specific API link.

If you share the API or the link it would be helpful to give advice on how to set it up properly in the API connector to make it so it can be dynamic.

Which API are you using, probably an open one, can you share it? We can always have a look what is possible.

Sorry. Here it is.

Main API with ~30k lines:

Then, there are 51 sub-APIs of the same data that is for the states (and the District of Columbia) individually. For example, Alaska:

So that you get a notification.

You can make the entire URL dynamic by just putting into the api connector at the URL input field the [] to create a parameter…make it something like this

[URL] and then when you run the call you can set it up to by dynamically set to be the URL you want to use.

Without going through the entire process for you, the concept is there for you to run with and implement into your app to suit your use case.


Wow I didn’t even know that was possible. Thank you.

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