Too much UI power vs too little UI power

Not sure this is a good place to talk about this, and I’m also a complete novice, but I think I’ll share my thoughts and pains as a customer for the sake of feedback.

I really like no-code platforms such as Bubble, and tried a few, notably Knack and Appsheet recently. So far I’d say Bubble is the best, and yet I am not happy with it when it comes to UI building, in fact neither am I with any of the competitors.

It feels as if I’m facing the dilemma of too much UI power vs. too little UI power.

On the one hand, Appsheet and Knack auto-build structured app effortlessly. However, they are unforgiving whenever it comes to wanting something not plain and boring or when a specific UX is required to make the app usable.

On other other hand, Bubble is just giving me a plain white page, (I’ll ignore the scary default index page), on which almost everything is possible. However, it takes an enormous time to build every bit the way I want. It never quite does what I want (quickly) and needs tweaking and tweaking and it’s time consuming.

My dream UI builder is something a little in between, where there are many building blocks I could drag and drop, let snap in place, and define in in terms of ratio, what space they should occupy. I’d want default themes that are well rounded like some AdminLTE Bootstrap theme, and perhaps few other out of the box themes, that feel right from the start. Then I would focus on what the app should really do for the user.

I’m hoping to see that one day.


That’s definitely something we want to improve and do right, it’s not simple, as as flexibility is very very important, but I’m confident we’ll find a way


Thanks Emmanuel, I’m sure it’s not an easy task and I don’t want to sound ungrateful either. Though the frustration is real :slight_smile: Glad to know it’s on your road-map. Keep up the good work :+1:

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