Toolbox Expressions aren't saving when "changing a thing"

I’m using the toolbox plugin to generate expressions that are calculations. I’m then saving the expression values to a database. I have no issues here everything works as it should.

However, I then have a workflow for editing the inputs. At this time the expressions are changed because the inputs are updated. I then have a workflow for “changing a thing” and this is where the problem occurs. None of the new expressions are saved to the database. It also appears that none of the inputs are saved as well. Below is this workflow.

I use a lot of workflow to create things and then edit those things and all work without issue. However, this particular workflow with the expressions isn’t working so I’m assuming it has to do with saving the expression values to the database.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if you need more info and I’m happy to supply.


You’ve probably checked this already but sometimes it’s the simplest of things - are you sure that the quick note you’re trying to edit has been passed to the button’s parent group? Also have you tried using the debugger to run in slow or step by step mode? I know with the toolbox plugin you sometimes need a paise action to wait for its output.

Thanks for the reminder. The buttons parent group was not being passed to the the thing I was editing.

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