Toolbox JSON bubble server side scripting required

The project would be to use the JSON/Bubble integration to complete a workflow which essentially takes values from the Bubble DB for a users working days (already loaded in) and loads them via Java (the script i need building) to output the working days (script already complete) for each user where bubble saves them. Then it loops back around. All of the workflow ‘flow’ is handled by Bubble. All of the JSON/Bubble integration is handled by a plugin called ‘Toolbox’. The original Java script works great client-side but needs adapting to make work server side and output values not to the client page but to the next step in the workflow.

More detail: each user has certain days they work - say Monday and Tuesday only. These are stored values (already in place) for days 1 & 2 (as Java recognises them). The tasks have a user associated with them, and takes account of each users working days to calculate using a start date and duration what the end date is. A 3 day task will mean the user in this example will work monday, tuesday and then the following monday. I need to replicate this functionality in the workflow as tasks also have dependencies on each other, therefore when i update the parent task in bubble, the other dates change. The logic in the workflow then picks up the new start date (parent +1 day) and then using the users work days, calculates the working dates and the end date. Then the process continues.

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