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Toolbox plugin - collection of utility elements

@mishav, thanks again for making this awesome plugin.

Out of curiosity, how can I go about sending a thing as a publish value variable from an RG in a Javascript to Bubble element INSIDE an RG? Here’s an example Javascript to Bubble element:

I set the HTML button as follows:

Any ideas?

Interesting question … for this case I’d put the JS to Bubble element outside the RG, and send it the unique id of the thing from the RG cell.

For example:

If the JStoBubble element value type is defined as text, you can lookup the thing with a search.

If the JStoBubble element value type is defined as a thing, Bubble does the lookup for you … although this is undocumented behaviour and I can’t guarantee that Bubble will continue to do this.

Another option is to pass the cell number, and work out which thing from the RG’s data source # item number

I get an error when I simple open the page, while using the toolbox plugin:

The plugin Toolbox / element Expression threw the following error: [email protected][native code]
anonymous (please report this to the plugin author)

Anyone an idea on how to fix this?

Hi @mishav , thanks for the great plugin.
I’m using it to implement payment form by I managed it to work, but when I get callback with order info after successful payment , I’m getting an error “Expected a string, but got a object (original data: {“id”:“laCYLeyvS1WA8fh1WT3eskg”,“reference”:“TEST210920-9194-46553”})”. I used Value type “text”, tried “Value as a list” didn’t worked as well.

Is there a way to get this data into bubble? I can not change the format of this response.

Hey @mishav

First of all, great Plugin. It is super helpful.

I have seen a small bug in the expressions function. If you use the expression 0.1*3, the result of the expression is 0.30000000000000004

If you use this expression 0.15*3 it is a strange result as well.

I have fixed it with the :round to function from Bubble for now.