Toolbox plugin is throwing a server error

Unfortunately, I am receiving this error on some of my expression calculations using the Toolbox plugin. I evaluated the expressions properly on my end yet this problem persist. I do see the accurate calculations after page is loaded but im worried about this error and afraid this is may cause some issues later. Have no idea what this error exactly means.

Please Help.



I have the same problem. Has anyone solved it? My example is very simple because I was trying the plugin but I have this very unpleasant error. Is it possible for you to solve it or do you suggest to change plugin to do the calculations? I noticed that this plugin is one of the most popular and I would like to use it.

thanks for any tips or suggestions :slight_smile: +

The way that this plugin and “Run JavaScript” work is that they execute eval() on the string expression that you provide in the large text field.

So, when your inputs are empty, this generates a syntax error because your string is something like:

( * )/2

which isn’t valid JavaScript. So you can use the Conditions tab on the Expression element to make the Expression field only filled when your 2 source inputs aren’t empty.


Thanks!! Now All work perfectly!! :slight_smile:

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