Toolbox plugin weird behavior


I am facing a weird behavior when I am trying to fire an event for the javascript element. So my steps to reproduce that are:

  • Create a javascript element, name it (testJS), and then select Publish Value and Trigger Event.
  • Create a normal button and in workflow add “Run javascript”
  • In workflow add “Javascript event bubble” and select testJS javascript element
  • Inside “Run javascript” put the function name and pass the value (bubble_fn_testJS(“testValue”))
  • After that, the testJS element will trigger an event and start a new workflow.
    Now there is a problem because the page starting to loading, the bubble debugger from Step-by-step hiding, and the page looks like crashed. The bubble progress bar is trying to load but can’t finish this action. Also in the console, there is a warning like that:
    warning: status bar still waiting on Promise(waiting on waiting for debugger to finish with cmNHc)

It happens on the Firefox browser but never happens before (I moved those functionalities from page to reusable element).


I am having this same behavior of a waiting on Promise when Toolbox is being utilized in a reusable group or reusable popup.

I think it is because that Toolbox may be firing off some javascript before the reusable element is shown for me, can anyone confirm this? Happy to give some more info and answer questions if anybody has an idea on how to investigate, I tried to look into finding the action called out in the console error for some of the backend javascript and was unable to find it.

Removing the Toolbox List of Numbers tool inside of the reusable group removes this behavior and stops the hanging of the page load