Toolit Kit - Hero Sizing Element Video Tutorial

Hello All,

I know some you were asking for this! So here it is :smile:

This a comprehensive tutorial on how to achieve a hero effect in your bubble apps using the Toolit Kit plugin - Hero Sizing Element

I am also working on a comprehensive documentation site for other plugins I have and many more that I did not release yet

Please check the video description for the links to the editor and example


Thank you :slight_smile: appreciate your time.


Really helpful! Thank you for your time in doing this.

Hey Ali,

I am using multiple hero sizing to extend my groups. However I often endup having infinite loop “Toolit Kit Hero Sizing is using an exsiting style tag” : my browser literally freezes :

Any idea ?

This is most likely due to a condition on the the plugin. Right now I don’t have anyway to prevent this from happening.

Check that if it does not work then please DM me and i will be happy to help

Thank you Ali for taking time with me the other day.

I’m just posting here the hero sizing issue when resizing if someone is stuck aswell

I will also try to take a closer look at your plugin’s fork

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Thanks for the great demo @AliFarahat!

I loved this !!!

Hey, @AliFarahat,

First of all, it is a good plugin.

But my brower crashes when I have a condition on the hero element to change the height offset when the current height width ≤ 667, when I delete the condition, nothing crashes.

Also, the hero element causes a “Generalk error” in the debugger, and when I delete the element, there are no errors.

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face: :computer:

Hey @AliFarahat

I wonder if you can help me? I think maybe I’ve misunderstood your plugin, and it’s only for things you want to be full viewport height.

I have a section that I just want to be two equal height columns, with an image on one side and text on the other, that is vertically justified.

Here is a quick video of my trials so far. I’ve watched two of your tutorial vids (in full) and I still can’t manage it!

thanks for your help in advance!

Maybe try the plugin “spacer”?

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that’s it @jared.gibb ! worked a charm, thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi I’m also using multiple on the same page and getting this in the console. I checked to make sure all tags were different.

Can you help with that? I want to clear up the console.