Tooltip Issue with Group Focus: Need Advice

Hello :sunny:

I’ve created a couple of tooltips in my solution using group focus. I had to set them with fixed width to integrate the “down” icon with the bubble.

In Safari, this works perfectly fine. However, in Chrome, I encounter a scrollbar no matter how large I make this group. Does anyone have any tips?
In chrome:
Skjermbilde 2024-02-14 kl. 12.58.17

In safari:
Skjermbilde 2024-02-14 kl. 12.58.45

Hi @Xtine,

The text is fit height to the content?

I usually don’t work with fixed layouts, due to layout responsiveness matters, but if your problem is just the little triangle on the bottom of the group, why not to use Column layout with an empy background, and create a regular group inside the groupfocus with the formatting you show on the your previous image, and then the icon, where you can set on the left margin the pixels you feel that fullfield in a proper way !


Not sure if this is the best approach but it has being working with me !

Kinds regards

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Thanks!!! :smiley: