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[Top 10 options] Convert to native app

I thought it would be useful to list the services which provide software to convert Bubble websites to native mobile apps. I will be contacting the providers with questions and updating this page.

:bulb: Important comments

You can’t get an app in the AppStore unless you have Apple sign in present and so far the only wrapper I have had success with is Codeless Academy - @chad

Tip: If you want to accept offline payments you may not be required to use In-App Purchase if your app provides a “real world” service, product, review Apple’s policies as

List of tools to convert to app
Convert to both iOS and Android for $365. The BDK Native app can be used as a ‘previewing’ app before purchasing but I have never got this to work, see my experience here.
$9.99/month for a native app compatible with either iOS or Android.

They convert your bubble app into a native app and provide APK and AAB files so you simply publish. As for iOS, they upload your build to your Apple Store account (you need to enroll the developer program) after which you only need to submit for approval.
Starts from $200/month - Ouch!
$299 USD for the app conversion into the native app.
$499 USD to publish to the App & Google stores (optional).
No mention of their prices (a bit frustrating) but I was able to email them to find out. It’s a one-time $119 for either an Android or iOS App. You get a ‘Template that allows you to quickly convert your website/web app’.
$299 for both Android and iOS app. Very easy to navigate website and customer support answers in simple plain English (good for newbies)!

Won’t work offline but does have a default message that shows when the app is offline to warn users. They are not able to submit the app for you, but they can answer questions/provide guidance if needed.

Jasonelle (open source)
Apple licence per year: $100, Android licence: $35 but no need if you the app is downloaded from your website.

I will be adding more soon and welcome anyone’s thoughts.


2022 - 10 min. to build a free native iOS/Android app :large_blue_diamond:

And it works fine :sweat_smile:
investment: 0$
Took me 10 min to make it work on my iPhone.

Apple licence per year: 100$, Android licence: 35$.
No need if you download the app from your website.

Take between 1 to 30 days, depends of MANY things. It took me 5 days. Rejected by Apple many times, and on first trial with Google/Android.

btw BDK is using the same engine under the hood and it is the faster way to implement it.

Running 3 years without modification or interruption. :tada:

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I think a really important thing to list is Apple Sign in functionality.
You can’t get an app in the AppStore with any other social login unless you also have Apple sign in present and so far the only wrapper I have had success with is Codeless Academy wrapper, it’s included in their plug-in.
I’ve tried BDK with the zerocode Apple sign in plug-in but haven’t been able to make it work and get it into the play store. The issue is that it doesn’t open as an action panel and cause a white screen on some devices.
If others have solved this I’d love to know, I love the Codeless academy wrapper but they have a wierd page change issue where you can’t use the action to go to previous page

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Tested web-view gold and app is now running on IOS App Store for last 1 year


Thank you! I have added this to the list :slight_smile:

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@darren.james7518 , thanks for the list. You inspired me to make my own Natively plugin. It allows you to build yourself, but it’s elementary. Check it out :face_with_monocle:

That’s fabulous, you must be good at Bubble to build your own solution, where is the plugin?

Sorry :man_facepalming: here it is - Natively - fast mobile app wrapper Plugin | Bubble

In case this is of interest, im building a course on building and shipping mobile apps with bubble Bubble Mobile Course. Will look into wrapping using most common approaches

That’s not true, you only need this if you offer other 3rd party signins like google. If you only use email + pw ypu dont need apple signin

Thank you for clarifying. I will update the list …

… Oh, I can’t edit the list anymore? I am the original poster but I guess there is a time limit?

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if its alright, i’d like to add Henry to this list. Its a native wrapping approach developed specifically for Bubble (using thunkable). Costs are 9/month (or 99 once) for the bubble plugin + thunkable plan (you need it only for one month). Here are two examples of apps shipped with henry: