Top nav disappears on smaller screens

My top Nav bar is disappearing when I adjust my screen to a smaller size and will not reappear when the screen is adjusted to a larger size.

When I am in the responsive window things seems to be working as designed but when I try to access my site on my phone or adjust my screen size to less than about 600 pixels the nav bar disappears and will not return when the screen is adjusted back to a larger size.

Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong here?


Do you use a workflow to hide the element when current page width < 600?
If yes, you also need a workflow to show >= 600

Or you can instead use the visibility property of the element in responsive setting.


Thanks for your quick response here! I don’t have any workflows set up or any conditional statements set up to make the nav bar appear or disappear.

I did mess around with those things when trying to figure it out, but they’ve all been removed and still the nav bar is acting up!

Any other suggestions?

Maybe share your editor and we can check it out for you. :slight_smile:

Sure thing. Do you need edit access or just view? I’ve never shared my editor in the forum. Is it wise to share here or should I send it to you directly?

Share with view for now. You can jsut remove the public share after. And just be sure to not have any confidential data for now

Ya, just view would be fine. A PM is fine as well.

Try removing the reusable element and adding it again. Let me know if that helps.

Never mind, I found it. Its in the reusable element workflow. See picture:

Delete that workflow and you should be good to go.


ahhh- Thank you so much!! I completely overlooked that workflow.