Toronto Meetup - August 2019

Hello All,

We need to pull together and arrange a meetup this month (August 2019) while the weather is in our favor. So I propose we start the organization of this asap, I am counting on every single member of this group to be there as there will be many important topics to discuss and vote one. The purpose of this meeting to cover the following areas:

  • Meet everyone!
  • Set a recurring schedule for future meetups.
  • Learn about Bubble, its advanced features, tips, tricks and plugin development.
  • Setup system and advanced training course if needed.
  • Provide training, support, and information where required by members.
  • Set up a chat group where we can support each other online.
  • Add moderators and admins to this group.

I have prepared a simple google form so I can better capture each of your availability. Please complete it here

The location and time will depend on your input, so get cracking…

Be sure to signup to the group here

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Bump up! Toronto Bubblers please join

Hey Ali - joined, and eager to meet up with fellow Bubblers in TO…

Welcome to the group

Awesome, decent chance I’ll be there. Preference for Downtown and weekday

Filled the survey.
If it happens on a weekend I will be present.

Thanks for joining guys. Anyone else?

Last Call, if you interested in going our next meetup register free now.

I’m in.

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Filled in!

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Anyone else?