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Total Number Of Workflows Not Updating

Anyone elses ‘Total Workflows run in November’ Not updating? I have run thousands of workflows today and the number has not updated like it usually does. Not effecting app performance or functionality, just thought it was weird.

Hello and thanks for posting! As of yesterday, the tracking for number of workflows run by an app on free plans will only be updated once per day. If your app is on a free plan, you’ll be able to see the number increase the following day to include the workflows that ran the previous day. For apps on paid plans, you can check the graph towards the top of the Capacity Tab (“Workflow runs for the current application”) that tracks this number.

@rachel.williamson , thanks for the reply. That said, I am on the professional plan and my ‘Workflows run in November’ has been stuck at 6,185 since November 2nd.

@ben29 in this case, I recommend submitting a bug report so the team can investigate this behavior in your app.

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