Tough workflow for geotagged event notifications

I’m still relatively new to Bubble, and I’m having a hard time knowing where to start on the core functionality of my MVP.

My app revolves around people submitting time-sensitive geotagged events. Then, the app needs to notify registered users. Users can set a radius around their registered address, and then if an event is reported in their radius, they receive a text, email or whatsapp. They receive a link to their profile, where they’ll see the event details.

However only one person can “claim” an event, so I need to be able to show the event as “unclaimed” on multiple platforms until someone claims the event. If a person claims, and then un-claims an event, all of the users who were originally notified should be notified again to start the process again. Finally, when a user claims the event, then the address is displayed on their profile.

I’ve got a backend workflow set up, with the event submission form passing data on events and users. Now I have a sub-workflow that is doing the distance calculation, is that right?

Any advice for what topics I should be learning about, how to approach this, or any other help?

Thanks in advance!

Are you asking for all the functionalities you expressed are how your app functions or just the one question about the distance calculation of the sub-workflow?

A bit both…trying to figure out how I’m going to tackle this workflow.