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Hi everyone! I am a mom of three children and saw a problem with the traditional methods of obtaining and letting go of children’s items. I have spent my life in hospitality but almost two years ago started to work on an “idea” I had for an app. Long story short, being ‘non-tech’, I happily worked with a designer & a developer to create what is now the Toy Trader App. Toy Trader is a live and functioning Bubble App that’s now 3 months old in the App stores. (Search Toy Trader App, or our website is

The Toy Trader App is a marketplace app for parents to buy, sell, and trade their children’s pre-loved items with in-app coins. This creates a beneficial circular economy for parents to be able to sell the items their children have outgrown, and use the value of those items to buy other things in the app that may be useful to them now. This is great for the environment as well as it promotes reducing buying of new items and also promotes the reuse of perfectly good children’s items, as most people use items for mere months before the child has outgrown or tired of the items.
The app is available in the US only currently, it is free to download, and each user starts with 100 free in-app coins (a $20 USD cash value).
As a first-time entrepreneur, I truly am learning that the saying “if you build it, they will come” is completely wrong! :slight_smile: I am certainly finding it very challenging to “get the word out”. But, I am not discouraged because I know that my app could help a lot of families, especially in tough economic times. “The village” is long gone, but if my app can help make life a little easier for some parents, then I will feel very successful.
If anyone has any pointers, insight, or prior experience they’d like to share–I would LOVE any and all feedback. Thank you so much!!

Did you consider posting/launching your app on

Gerbert de Langen
MOG Consultancy B.V.

Hi–thank you for the comment and suggestion.
Yes, I was hoping to gather SOME users first over this Summer on my own so that I had a “cheering crowd” to help me out on there (I read that’s recommended before launching.)
I also know I definitely need to find some influencers in my niche on social media and work on collaborations. Which is what I’m doing now, as well as I’m beginning to schedule some in-person events locally, too. )

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@gerbertdelangen Apologies-my response didn’t tag you before.

No need to tag, I saw your response before :grinning:. You are definitely right about the “cheering crowd”, that is a big help. Online, post in Facebook groups, on LinkedIn, forums for parents etc. Offline, go to local schools, events and gatherings and give out flyers etc.

5 or 6 years ago I hired someone to write blog posts and used Facebook campains to spread the word. For 100/200 euro a month I was getting a good amount of clicks.


Love it! You’ve read my mind. Haha I’m making bookmarks with a QR to my app and I’m going to around the city and put it on those “book boxes” etc. See if maybe the library or my daughters school will let me pass them out. I’ll get some magnets for my car for the school pick up line. :wink: haha Now that I know the cost of marketing I will be wearing my logo everywhere! HA
And thank you for the recommendation on the FB campaign, I had done that when I first started but I’ll give it another go now that my website looks a little better.

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