Track billing and payments

I’ll try to describe this as best as possible. Building a child care app where child care’s schedule their kids, bill the parents and track payments. I’ve gotten the schedule down, but having a problem getting the billing/payments part together. Can’t figure out the best way to set it up. Has anyone done this yet?

Below are the issues I’m running into.
There are few different options to how a child care bills. Either per hour, per day, per week or per month. Then also within each day, week or month. There is a part time rate and a full time rate.
Example: Child care bills on a weekly rate. If child shows up 3 or less days per week they get charged a part time rate. If they show up 4 or more days for the week, they get charged a full time rate.

The next issue is that over time rates change. Example: they were charging $5/per hour and now they charge $5.50/hour.

Most child care also build their schedules a couple months in advance so they can plan for things in the future. The issue here is that if they have already built the childs schedule yet then change the rate after its built, I need to update all future records. Along with the parent not wanting to pay for future time. They only pay up through today or this week.

There are a lot of variables here and so its getting confusing. If anyone has a great way to handle this or has ideas let me know.

I am currently using date ranges to display on the schedule, and using those date ranges to bill the parent.

Ideas? Thanks

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