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Track clicks on a link shared outside Bubble

I am building an application similar to google drive where files can be uploaded and shared by creating unique links. The feature I am trying to achieve is when user shares a link on his facebook or any social media, I want to track the clicks on that link in facebook and other apps as well. In bubble, I can easily track clicks but when the link is shared outside bubble, is there a way to track the clicks/analytics? Any plugins or APIs?

Any help would be great.

Google Analytics?

I have not used google analytics before. Does it track outside bubble too?

Add a share ID param and have it go to a page called share.

On page load pull the ID from the URL and use it to match to a user or any other field.

Use a js element on page with document.referrer to retrieve where they came from.

Then have it immediately redirect to the expected URL

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