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I’m pondering for the best solution to create a memory of user searches. Of course the easiest would be to add a list of search objects to the user and have it be added to every time they perform a search. That has, however, two distinct flaws. First - double searches count as one and no time can be recorded for the search.
Another option would be to create a search data type that contains the object of search and every search creates one and stores under user. This, however can get too crowded and lose the function of remembering last X searches (Hmm, sorting and deleting older ones every time a newer one is added could work…)
As the user can also save their favourite items, excessive search history is not really necessary, adding unnecessary overhead to simple operations. Simple 5-10 item history, however, would add to UX.
Does anybody here have experience with such functions? Or any nifty suggestions?

If you would like to have a Date/Time stored on each Search Item as well or store a lot of Data that you can then analyze sometime, I would recommend making a Data Type specific to Search.

Search Query

  • User (User)
  • Searched Object (text, maybe?)
  • Date Time (Date/Time) - or just reference the built in Creation Date field

You can the use 'Do a Search For Search Query" with the filtering the User by Current User and sorting by Creation Date

Or you could also save ‘Most Recent’ Search Queries directly on the User using a List, which would make for simple referencing, but then take a couple more workflows for every search Action

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Whoa. Cool. i didn’t get thinking as far but the idea of analyzable search data is great. :slight_smile:
All the while I was just trying to create the app as resource light as possible - but that can sometimes really get counterproductive regarding the big picture.

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