Track user activity / usage time and show in an admin graph - please HELP!


I am really struggling with the below problem!

I’m creating an education platform that will have associated students and admins. Each admin has linked student/s accounts.

Essentially I want to generate a graph showing a specific student’s usage (active) time of the platform over the last week/month.

I then want this graph to be displayed on both the admin accounts ‘dashboard’ page and the relevant student accounts ‘dashboard’ page.

I thought this would be fairly simple but upon doing some deep diving I’ve seen little to no useful documentation on how to do this. I’ve seen mentions of hotjar, microsoft clarity, google analytics etc and while these are great for capturing the data and visualising it I can’t seem to then put that visualisation (graph) back on a bubble page, instead you have to view it through clarity, analytics etc.

Attempting to do this manually looks daunting and I’ve struggled to find any clear instructions so far.

Any help would be really really appreciated :slight_smile:

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