Tracking user views of posts in bubble

One method I’ve experimented with but not yet implemented in a live app to test for performance:

  • Install the Toolbox plugin -> add JavascripttoBubble element on same screen with the RG
  • Insert dynamic data (Some_text_string_Current cell’s Unique ID or index) to create a custom HTML ID on each cell in the RG element (#Some_text_string_1,#Some_text_string_2,#Some_text_string_3,etc)
  • Using the JavascripttoBubble workflow+element options you can fire events based on if the current cell is visible within the viewport/window (based on the HTML ID) – this would be driven by custom JavaScript code

I can’t stop to add all the details right this second, does this help a little? The Toolbox plugin is very powerful once you get comfortable integrating it with default Bubble functionality. In my own experience the JavascripttoBubble method tends to work well when dealing with large numbers of unique elements, especially RG cells.

If firing events that write to the DB too rapidly is a problem, maybe you can store these ‘viewed’ events in a custom state, then every x minutes or upon some kind of user action you take this custom state list and write it to the DB.