Tracking Users by Location Utilizing QR codes

Wanted to set up individual QR codes (for eventually hundreds but initially 50 or so) to allow consumers to scan at a location to verify they had visited. This would be part of a “passport” type program that would reward the consumer once all locations had been visited. As a company we would need to verify that the “task” had been completed remotely prior to awarding any prize.

Is there currently anything on the market that would allow me to do this?


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Do you want an app made for you, or are you a developer looking for a tool?

More of a designer with no real technical skills, but it’s currently a mobile site…no app. I’m hoping to create one in the future when funding is there. The directory ( has a Trip Advisor look, in which I would like to find a way to allow viewers to choose multiple locations and have the functionality utilize the GPS and route their trip to the 4 or 5 locations chosen. Does that make sense?

It makes some sense… yeah. What I’m understanding is: you want to create a route on the map based on a set of locations and also have users scanning QR codes on each of these locations so the app knows they’ve been there.

Is this correct? If so, then you can do this with Bubble.