Tracking Video Watched Progress


I am developing an in house training app. I’d like to display a check mark next to videos only if the user has watched the video in its entirety.

Is there a way to pull the percentage watched of a video, store that in an attribute somewhere and only display a check mark icon when the whole video has been watched?

Thanks you

I think this is going to depend on the video player you use, but it should be possible. Here’s an example code for HTML5 video players.

If you’re using Zerocodes video player – which is based on video.js – it should have the capabilities, although they may not be exposed in the Zerocode plugin.

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Hi Mario,

Actually it’s an easy process in Bubble.
Create a workflow “when video.js has finished playing” on your page. You can set a state when the video has finished and use this data as a reference if people watched video or not.

Awesome! I didn’t realize that video.js plugin had the capability out of the box. I see it in the Element Actions.


Thank you to the both of you for your information

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