Trainer Needed for Immersion Week

Hi Bubble-er,

I am running a week long hackathon for a NYC college and we want to use Bubble. Does anyone on here have experience teaching adult learners how to use the platform in 3-4 hours with examples, lesson and materials? There would be 12-14 students in 4-5 groups.

Thanks for any information you can get to me asap.

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Will the real @romanmg please stand up.


Haha, :wave:. I see what you did there, @csblack

Hey, @rsnipes, I have a lot of course material in video form. Feel free to PM me if you want to discuss. Wish I was in NYC to help you out in person!


Thank you for the replies. Videos are great & I need a face to face trainer. Please forward to others in NYC.

Following up on this one, if someone could help Shane here that’d be great! We unfortunately cannot do this ourselves, but this sound like a fun (and paid!) thing to do!


I’d love to help, but won’t be able to get away from my dayjob in DC to make a trip to NYC. Sorry!

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Hi folks, just to clarify. This is a paying gig (cannot cover travel) so if you are a trainer with experience on the platform, then this might a chance to develop. some materials and deliver them. Let’s Skype and discuss.