Training database - link sessions to staff member?

I’m hoping you’ll be able to see what I’m trying to do in the screen caps.

I have one page (Data Type Staff) with a list of our staff, one (Data Type Course) with a list of all the courses our staff do/will do, and now I’m trying to set up the third page (Data Type Register) where you choose a staff member and then add an individual session of one of the courses using a popup and workflow. I’ve watched a bunch of tutorials but I’m getting myself very confused! Pics attached.

Hii, I couldn’t understand your question. Can you please elaborate on the issue you are trying to solve?

I apologise, I missed this reply, and haven’t worked on my project in a while.

Data Types

  • Staff
  • Course
  • Register

Where the Register details are displayed, I need to pull data from both Course and Staff. Each Staff must be able to list more than one Course.
Does that make more sense?

Still trying to reword this so people understand what I’m trying to do!

  • Green box in the above screencap (named “Register”) is a repeating group
  • It needs to list multiple sessions
  • Each session is added using the popup (“Session_pop”)

So it needs to go

  1. Select staff member from dropdown
  2. Red box is populated
  3. Click Edit Session button, popup appears (“Session_pop”)
  4. Select course code from dropdown, this populates some of the popup from Course Data Type
  5. Fill in other relevant info
  6. Add/Edit Session button runs workflow which saves this individual session to the specific staff member from step 1

Does any of this make sense?
Thanks in advance.

In case anyone has a similar issue: I added a Field called “Employee” under Data Type “Register.” Field Type for “Employee” is “Staff.”

Then in my Popup workflow (to save a new Register item) I have Employee = Dropdown Staff’s value.

Simple, which I knew it would be, I just give myself a mental block sometimes.