Training for latest version

I’m looking for high-level training for the latest version of

Coming from an RDBMS and 3GL coding background, I need to understand the concepts and methodology to use to build solutions in this great looking environment.

There are resources out there that appear to be based on older versions, and I’ve yet to find a concepts guide, which would really help get started on the right basis.

Hey @ray.welsh

Welcome to Bubble! What specifically are you looking to do? Are you just starting out in Bubble? What are you stuck on?

I tutor beginners ( but it says that you have been with Bubble since 2018 so I am not sure what level you are at.

Let us know what you are looking for specifically and maybe we can help, or if you have some questions that you think an hour tutoring session can help you can sign up for an appointment. Most of my students meet with me about once or twice a week to get past what they are stuck on with their projects.

Hope this helps a little bit. :+1: