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Transferring already published app


I have already published an app on AppStore and Google Play. All done with Nativator. Now I want to transfer the app from my Bubble account to my client Bubble account. Am I going to suspect any problem with the availability of the app on mobile phones? Or if the domain remains the same there wouldn’t be any problems?

@Sam, any idea?

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Equi for All is fantastic well done!

If the URL is the same there is nothing to worry about :slight_smile:


@Sam is offline ?

Hi @wiler.passos is up and running.
Any assistance needed?


I purchased a conversion to an android application, it’s been almost 48 hours and I haven’t had any feedback, nor answers via chat and support…

I’ll tell you one thing - be patient. Especially with iOS version :wink:

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ok, it said it would send me the apk in 2 to 3 hours :laughing: … and no one answers the questions for support

Hi @wiler.passos

What is the name of your app please?


Mabeco Serviços On Time ( Mabeco)

Your app was converted and sent to: [email protected] on Oct 9th.
Please check received emails.


You can suggest alternative email address if the one provided is not valid.

now I understand, the email is wrong… can you change it or where can I make the change?
the correct email is

[email protected]