Transferring Login Credentials From One App To Another

I’m currently transferring all the data from one app “Version 1” to another “Version 2” app. The biggest problem I’m running into is transferring the login credentials from Version 1 to Version 2. I want users who’ve already signed up to the Version 1 app to be able to use the same credentials on the Version 2 app.

I’ve read up a lot on how to do this using the App Connector plugin and I’ve implemented a solution that’s 95% complete but I’m running into one big problem:

I am going to be copying all emails and user data from Version 1 to Version 2. When a user logs in on the Version 2 app, they are directed to the Version 1 app to enter login credentials. The problem is that I’m getting and error that says, “this email is already in use”.

How do I get around this “email is already in use” problem? And is there a way to login users without directing them to the Version 1 login page?

Here is a video demonstrating my issue: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

I figured out that this isn’t possible. You can’t transfer over users and then use the app connector to authenticate because by nature those transferred users will have emails that are already set up on the original app. This taught me that the app connector is useful for main app → Sub app relationships but not necessarily meant for old app → new app authentication.

I did however discover an implementation that allowed me to authenticate users using the old app credentials. It involved building and API that authenticated the user in the old app and hitting that endpoint with the new app. It also involved some using temporary passwords etc. If anyone else encounters this issue and finds this thread, feel free to message me at to get more details about my implementation.

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