Transform data retreving from external API to bubble db

Hi All,

I have an external API connection. I retrieve all data and store them to bubble db. But one of the data let’s say, Age Range, comes and I need it to transform its options to my bubble db options set.
If external data comes to 30-35 set it as Middle Age for target DB.

I hope to explain it clearly :slight_smile:

Thank you

That is a numeric range

If it doesn’t transform automatically, then you could try using the split by operator and split by - and use the first item as the beginning of range and second item as end of range

@boston85719 thank you for your response.
Actually, I want to address to source options to the target option in my bubble DB.
Source Option the data comes to me in the numeric range of 30-35 but in my current DB I want to assign a different option like “Middle Age”. The rule is if the Age Range comes to 30-35 set its value on DB as Middle Age.

I can increase this example, eventually, my question is: Is there any capability to set rules like this while retrieving data?

Yes, just use conditionals