Transforming your Bubble App into a Progressive Web App (PWA)

I will provide a service to convert your Bubble app to PWA. The home page lists the advantages and disadvantages of a PWA and describes the entire order fulfillment procedure. Discount for the first 10 customers. Сlick here.


Do you have a working example we can see?

Yes. That’s an example) You can install it on your device.

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Is your website built on Bubble?

It would be better if you gave an example of a pwa you made with Bubble subdomain to assure users that pwa for Bubble is here.

I would like to use a service like this to create a PWA but I don’t know how to develop my Bubble App to be capable of becoming a PWA.

  1. Does it need to be a Single Page App?
  2. Can the App have multiple pages?
  3. Do I need to put all elements into a container element and label it “wrapper”

Would love to see a breakdown of the requirements of the Bubble App for this PWA process to be possible.

Hello @bosonian. Yes, this site is powered by Bubble. It has also been converted to PWA. You can install it on your device and check it works. To install the PWA desktop application, you need to click the icon in the address bar . For mobile devices, a message appears asking you to install the app on your device. I have also answered the most frequently asked questions here.

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Hello, @boston85719

  1. No, the application can be multi-page.
  2. Yes
  3. Items do not need to be put into containers, we do all the conversion work ourselves.
    There are no special requirements for converting applications to PWA. One of the main, but concerns not only PWA - the application must be adaptive for all devices.
    Here I have collected answers to frequently asked questions.
    How the conversion process works is described step by step on the index page in the section “How it works”.
    Also, all the requirements for the application are indicated in your personal account, which will become available after registration.

Hello. Can you demonstrate how the PWA application you created works?

You can test the operation of the PWA application by installing this application. I already wrote about this above. You can also get answers to frequently asked questions in the FAQ section.


Will PWA affect the download speed of my app?

Hello. the absence of a PWA does not affect the speed of the application. Application speed depends on the paid plan and workflow.

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